Thursday, 3 December 2020

Twitter starts marking "Manipulated Media" to curb fake news and misinformation

 Twitter India has now started to label tweets with misinformation as 'Manipulated Media'. Earlier the social media networking site Twitter was marking pieces of misinformation in the US during the US Presidential Elections.

Twitter has begun to put marking as a warning to the viewers regards to misinformation or fake news, so people have an idea about the information not being real. Fake news has being a huge nuisance all over the world, where social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and messaging apps such as  WhatsApp, etc are used by organizations to spread propaganda to the users. 

Sometimes the photos are edited or modified and posted with a unrelated caption to the original image or at times, old news pieces are taken and circulated claiming to be new and connected to a recent on going instance. It is also seen that political parties and their IT cells also use modified images or make false claims to promote the party and create communal tensions. This creates chaos, fear and hatred in minds of people. 

Social Networking sites have now taken this instance seriously and have started to mark out fake news right at the source, Facebook had also added a 'Fact Check' feature earlier. Instagram also allow users to report a particular post or video on the grounds of misinformation or fake news.

The efforts taken by major giants are sure to bring in change in the way media outlets are used, personal, commercial and political posts will now have to cross checked with factual information for it to not be flagged.