Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Social Media presence is the new ingredient to success, here’s how it is helping brands-

 Social Media is creating communities of people and is making People connect to each other faster, it has an enormous reach and the people with high following on social media platforms have a great say in the purchasing patterns of the people. Ads, Influencer marketing and overall digital presence of several brands has impacted the decision making skills of consumers and has attracted them towards these brands. Here’s how social media is playing the key role in building a brand.

 Image Source- SimpliLearn

1. Direct and Exact set of audience can be targeted- Print or TV ads are vaguely placed on the assumptions of the marketers, in case of social media ads, the exact set can be targeted based on preferred demographics such as age, gender, geographical location, etc.


2. Very Cost Effective- Ads on digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc are cheap and cost effective. One Facebook sponsored post starts from as cheap as 70INR. This thus becomes the best way to go for start-ups and ones with lesser finances.


3. Builds Organic and loyal customer base- If people connect with your brand, the ideology of the brand or even just the visual aesthetic of the brand, they are ought to follow you on social media. This keeps them up-to-date with the product catalogue, Offers, discounts, etc making them a long time consumer.

4. Attracts Potential Customers- Almost all platforms have an algorithm which promotes more of what you like, so if your brand resonates with someone’s interest it would automatically show up on their feed under ‘explore’ category. This helps in spreading the word about the brand.

5. Connects easily with Mobile users- Today almost everyone owns a cell phone and with digital promotions it has become easier than ever to reach them. Certain websites also design ads specifically for mobile device users.

6. Creates conversation with people- It makes it easier for people to convey their doubts, grievances, suggestions and feedbacks easily. It truly empowers the consumer and makes them believe in the fact that the brand is listening.

7.  Drives traffic to website- People check links on swipe up stories, bios and posts and tend to check what has been posted on the website driving more traffic to the website. It is also far more conventional to promote website on social media than on any other platform.

These along with a lot more reasons why brands should consider social media seriously and put in effort to build their profile online.