Thursday, 17 December 2020

Rewrite, Repackage, Reuse- 5 tips on how to repurpose blog based content!

Creating new content every day or every week can be tiring and also frustrating at times, but to keep the blog and your social presence updated, one has to post bits of their creativity every now and then. This becomes tiresome and the slaggy-ness or the ‘art’ block is visible in the not-so-well-designed piece. This can be turned over though, using simple tips and tricks, even a single piece of content can be used in multiple different ways!

Image Courtesy- MarketingLand

1) Short it up for Social Media- Almost every type of social media is more of a visual medium, so the best way to repackage textual content is to convert it into a one liner infographic, a quick self-explanatory video or a two to three series of photos as post with a collaborated caption.

2) Slice it up- Consuming huge chunks of content becomes boring, so it is important to convert the content into small less time consuming format. A great example is to add ‘one minute read’ or a trailer at the start of your piece to let the audience know what they’re looking out for.

3) Churn out different versions of it- The best example of this is podcasts, video attachments, pictorial representation, etc. Basically, the same piece just reaching audiences using a different medium.

4) Add in outtakes and BTS- People love to see how a particular piece was created, the thought process, the inspiration behind it, instruments used, etc. It also builds a better connection with the audience if they have an insight into the making process. A lot of Instagram based artists use this technique to reach out to their audiences.

5) Include feedbacks/comments- Dedicate a separate blog or a video in which you respond to the feedback or comments received on your previous work. This keeps the content interactive and also let the viewers know that you care about their opinions whilst giving yourself an added or bonus piece of content. A great idea here could also be making few pieces solely based on suggestions or recommendations of your followers.

And that’s it from my side, do let me know if there’s some other tricks and techniques you use to repurpose your content and thank you for reading.