Friday, 18 December 2020

KNOW why is a blog important for your business

A question that always runs around people's mind is what is the 'blogs' section doing at the top corner of business websites, Is it any relevant, Does anyone read it? And how significant it really is? For the businesses and brands out there considering if they should have a blog section or not, here are few points that will help you know it's importance-

Image source- NeilPatel

1. Make your brand sound like a passion project- Nothing excites customers more towards a brand than its backstory, the thoughts of the creator and what runs in the minds of the founder. A well written blog gives an insight on to how your business came in to being and how much of efforts do you add to it, making it personal and passionate.

2. A clever marketing strategy- A detailed, relevant and updated blog can attract more customers, It can keep the audience interested in your content and products. A blog can also serve as a direction manual for your products and let people know how effective your products are if used in a certain pattern. Blogs can also share tips, tricks and hacks of your products for optimum utilization.

3. Creates a sense of community- A traditional buy this/buy that model can be made even more effective if people who already use it are invited to share testimonials and those are incorporated in the blog. A community would develop where people would be open to discuss more about the products and would be eager to share their feedback. It would create a beautiful interactive space.

4.  Updates audiences with what's trending- The market is ever changing and people love to catch  up with the trends and are constantly in the search of 'what's new' and that's where the blog comes in, let people know how a certain product of yours is relevant to something currently trending.

5. Needs zero finances- A cheaper alternative to any other kind of advertising, be it print, audio-visual or any ad run, blog doesn't require a lot of financial drain to be maintained and works effectively to gain the audience's attention.

The importance of blog is quite essential in today's online world and hope this helps you understand its essence in the world of marketing.