Thursday, 24 December 2020

Facebook Ad marketing can be very effective for your business, know how-

 Facebook ads are the one we keep on seeing while scrolling through our feed and are termed as ‘sponsored’ content. These are of various types ranging from Boosted Posts, Newsfeed website ads, Mid-Roll Video Ads, Mid-Story Ads and Hyper-local marketplace ads. Page owners or businesses have to spend in a certain amount of rupees depending upon how many days and how wide audience do they want to cater that ad to. Here’s how they contribute to grow your business.

1.      Huge Number of Users- Facebook is one of the top most used social media platforms today! With billions of users worldwide, the amount of potential customers you can reach with just one ad is exponential.

2.       Cheap, so great for new businesses- Any other kind of traditional marketing is going to cost you a huge sum compared to Facebook marketing, one ad can be created in as cheap as $1 or 70 Rupees! Which makes it great for even those with low marketing budgets.

3.      Specifically targeted- With the algorithm that Facebook has, barely any of the ad they showcase is random, all of them are highly specific on your browsing pattern and based on your interests.

4.      Distinct Categories- Adding to the previous point, ads can be categorized into specific categories as per choice such as Location, Gender, Age, Online Behavior, etc. This will attract only those who are genuinely interested in your product and avoid wastage of money.

5.      Helpful Analytics- Likes, Reach, Engagement Rates and other interactive usage is counted in to calculate how good or bad a post is doing and which particular kind of content is garnering more likes from the people.

Apart from these, there are also many other features which can ensure the best of usage of Facebook ad feature, defiantly check these out and tell us in the comments which one did you found the most helpful.