Sunday, 6 December 2020

Definitely watch Netflix's 'Social Dilemma' and know the harsh reality of Social Media

Netflix, as a part of its StreamFest is offering 2 days of free viewership and one documentary to definately catch on is 'The Social Dilemma'
 The Social Dilemma is a American Docu-Drama film directed by Jeff Orlowski and revolves around how social media which seems completely harmless is damaging individuals and society.

The film focuses on critical topics such as Social Media Addiction, Data Privacy, Data Mining, Capitalism over Privacy, Involvement of Politics and all it's effect on user's mental health. 

It showcases a scary never-thought-about side of the social media platforms and how it's effects could cause humongous damage to a unsuspecting user's mind. It speaks about how a well designed team of engineers working at huge corporates such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google can impact life and decisions of billions of their users worldwide. 

The documentary also talks about fake news, propoganada, spread of misinformation and how large of an impact would a small peice of mis guided information could have, especially in sensetive situations. It also speaks about how young children and teens are largely affected by the suggestive algorithms and could push them on the verge of depression and other mental health problems and even extremes like suicide. 

Overall, the documentary shares an insight on our browsing patterns and it's effects on our day to day decison making. It is definitely a worth watch especially if you are an active internet user.