Monday, 14 December 2020

10 Ways social media is changing the world!

 Love it or hate it, Social Media is here and is going to stay. From those quirky good morning texts over WhatsApp to jokes shared over Facebook and those heated debates on Twitter, social media occupies our entire day in some format or another. It just keeps on lingering in our mind continuously and has also started influencing our lives, major political, social, national and even international events. In this day and age of the ever growing tool, here are 10 ways social media is changing the world.

1. Creating a global community-

The essence of social media lies in bringing people together and is connecting people and uniting them. The ‘Me Too’ movement which had started by an American actress spread across and helped millions of women from all around the world to share their stories.

2. Spreading Awareness-

Social Media is pioneering in creating awareness and helping people raise their voices. One such example is of  #OscarsSoWhite which opened conversation on racism faced by black creators.

3. Faster reach of news-

Anything and everything on social media spreads like a fire, Speed is the virtue of this tool! Tweets/Videos receive millions of hits within seconds.

4. Individualistic & Personalised Content -

Social Media brings encourages connectivity by promoting ‘relatable’ content, which makes people feel empathetic and responsive.

5. Helping Businesses Grow-

With a huge amount of audience available, it becomes easier for brands to understand and market as per their needs.

6. Creating Employment-

Several brands have understood the essence of social media and are keen to make their presence felt and are hence hiring professionals to manage the same.

7. Political Awareness-

Issues with different political spectrum are presented and left to people to judge and vote accordingly.

8. Growing Expectations-

Social Media has created an urge of certain expectations which at times could be severely unrealistic.

9. Anonymity-

With anonymous accounts growing, it has given freedom to express oneself without borders which also leads to cyber-bullying at time.

10. Involvement & Responsiveness-

People are more involved and responsive. They want to be active ‘actors’ than passive ‘watchers’.