Wednesday, 25 November 2020

New OxygenOs update for OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 7T: New Features, Fixes and Improvements on the way.

Better Performance is always the key. With Oxygen OS 11 update, OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 7T are now all ready to become faster, smoother and smarter! As of now, the update will be available for these two phones, for others it would be by later next year. 

Based on Android 11, OxygenOS 11 brings in features to make accessibility easy, optimize stability and system power consumption with its latest update. Along with the newer features, it also works on solving previous issues and fixes such as lags and frames. 

The OnePlus site states the following new features of the Update-

1. Always on Display

The new option will now enable users to have a wider range of choices to personalize the screen and to improve the digital well being. Always on Display will show you date, time and notifications as well as the battery level. 

2. Insight AOD

This feature is centered around digital well being. It encourages people to enjoy more time with others than to keep unlocking their phones. This feature was carefully designed by students of the Parsons School of Design.

3. Redefining and Refreshed

The new look is sleek and bold, attracting eye balls all along. It is clean, sleek and striking. OxygenOs offers a completely immersive experience. 

4. Dark Mode

Users will be able to find Dark Mode option in the Customization Menu. It has now being moved from it's previous location of Display settings.

5. Zen Mode

With the new OxygenOs users will get to choose between three themes- cosmos, oceans and nature along with other customization options available. Users can also set up rooms with friends in Zen Mode.

With above given features, the excitement for the new update is ever rising. The better performance, bug fixes and other improvements are sure to add in to the user experience and better it. 

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