Sunday, 29 November 2020

Google Task Mate app to start testing in India, App will allow users to earn money online.

 Google is now testing a new crowdsourced app, Task Mate in India. The app enables businesses all over the world  to put up tasks and will pay users to complete them.

As of now, the app is live but available only for select users and can be operated only through 'invite codes'. The referral code system is enabling only few users to test the app. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is currently available only for android. 

Reportedly, Task Mate allows users to "find tasks nearby" them and ton completion plays them in Indian currency after successful completion of a task by the “cash out your earnings” option using e-wallet accounts or with in payments partner. There are several tasks in the app such as taking photos of near by businesses, conducting surveys, verifying translations and a lot more. One can also choose to skip a task if they are not interested in completing it. It also offers option to user to select 'on field' task or 'sitting' task, so according to one's preference, they can choose whether they want to go outdoors for the task or complete it from home itself. Google has suggested the tasks would be 'simple' in nature and would be brought to you by 'businesses all over the world'.

As per the official listing, Google has stopped sending invites to test the app as of now. You can get an attempt to checkout the app now by getting an invite code from a already user of the app. Users are sure to be excited with the launch and are waiting for it to be available for everyone to try out.