Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Irobot has launched Roomba E5 robot vacuum cleaner in India.

Irobot has launched Roomba E5 robot vacuum cleaner in India.
Consumer robots company, Irobot, has launched Roomba E5 robot vacuum cleaner in India. This robot connects to Wi-Fi, and in your absence, Roomba E5 can clean the house every day. Sales of Roomba E5 is being done through PureSite Systems Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Vacuum Roomba E5 Robot

 Main Features of Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum Roomba E5 Robot has a power-lifting section with 5x air power for a clean floor. This robot easily cleanses the pet hair which does not appear with eyes, including those dust. There is a premium 3-stage cleaning system dual multi-surface rubber brush. The brush provided in it is designed specifically to clean the corners and edges and to remove the garbage, as well as also cleaning the cleaning kit of the robot.

Another feature of this is also the support of Virtual Assistant Amazon Alexa, which takes more than 60 decisions in every second so that it can navigate intelligently in the house and clean the furniture and the surroundings, that too without collision . The dust bin given in it can be washed with water.

In addition, the Wi-Fi connectivity of Roomba E5 means that even though the operators are not at home, the Irobot can easily schedule cleaning through the Home app. It has got support from Amazon Alexa Home Assistant to control Rooma E5 from anywhere in the house. You can also give it a conditional statement, such as starting the rumba cleaning after the TV is closed.

Its price is Rs 41,900 in India and it has been given 2 years and 1 year warranty on battery.

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  1. Amazing technology it is just wow as it makes our house clean in absence of us.even I wanna get one!😊